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Plant terms can be confusing. If you find yourself a bit perplexed, the glossary below may help. If I have missed any, please let me know.

Happy Planting!


Acidic Soil Soil with a pH of less than 7
Alkaline Soil Soil with a pH of greater than 7
Amendment Any material, such as compost or lime, that is mixed with existing soil to improve properties
Annual Plant that completes its lifecycle in one growing season, then dies
Basal Foliage Leaves found near the base of the stem
Biennial Plant that completes its lifecylce in two growing seasons, then dies
Border A garden, usually containing a variety of plants, that is backed by walls, fences, or taller plants, such as, trees or shrubs
Compost Organic material used as a soil amendment
Crown Area on a plant where the stem meets the root, generally found at soil level
Cultivar Refers to a group of plants within a species that has slightly different characteristics, such as, flower color or size
Deadheading Removal of old, spent/dead flowers, may promote reblooming
Deciduous Refers to trees and shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally, usually in the fall
Division The process of splitting up plants, commonly performed on perennials
en masse Planting masses of the same plant to create a bold statement
Evergreen Plants that retain their foliage for more than one growing season
Fertilizer Organic or inorganic material added to the soil to encourage plant growth
Groundcover A plant that spreads to cover the soil surface
Growth Rate Slow: 3-6" per year, Moderate: 6-12" per year, Fast: 12-24+ per year
Habit General form or shape of a plant
Hardiness Zone Zones that provide guidelines to measure a plants ability to tolerate hot and cold temperatures
Herbaceous Non-woody plant that dies back to the ground every year
Invasive Plant A plant that spreads rapidly and may take over a garden bed
Loam Soil that is a mixture of clay, sand and silt
Mass Planting A planting where large numbers of the same plant are used to provide visual interest
Native Plant A plant that naturally occurs in a certain area
Node (leaf node) a joint on a plant stem
Perennial Plant that survives for 3 or more growing seasons
Pinching A technique used to promote fuller or shorter plants, often resulting in more flower heads
Rhizome an underground stem
Semi-evergreen Plants that fall between evergreen and deciduous in terms of growth and leaf retention.  Some examples include:  they may shed their foliage for a very short time in late winter or they lose most, but not all, of their foliage for a fraction of the year; sometimes they may lose their leaves due to specific situations, such as, extremes in temperature or drought.  
 Stamen pollen producing structure, usually found within the center of the flower
Spathe Leaf like structure that encloses the flower
Taproot Main root of a plant, usually growing straight down

A plant whose green foliage is marked with another color, usually white or yellow

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Deer Resistant Plants

Even with a herd of deer roaming around your yard, a healthy and beautifully landscaped garden is possible. Check out my article  "The Buck Stops Here!", use the list of plants below to guide you in plant selection, and start planting!     

                                   Happy Planting!

Annuals: Perennials, Bulbs: Woodys:  
Anise Hyssop Yarrow Noble Fir Weigela
Blue Floss Flower Monkshood Horsechestnut  Itea/Sweetspire
Joseph's Coat Gardener's Grass Allegheny Serviceberry  Inkberry
Angelonia Maiden Hair Fern Indigobush   PJM Rhododendrons
Snapdragon Perennial Agastache Barberry  Lindera/Spicebush
Annual Woodruff Bugleweed Birch  Salix/Willow
Bidens Lady's Mantle Butterfly Bush  Elderberry
Swan River Daisy Flowering Onion Boxwood  Witch Hazel
Angels Trumpet Golden Alysum Beautyberry
Ornamental Pepper Willow Amsonia Heather   
Four O'Clocks Gold Marguerite Chinese Bittersweet   
Spider Flower Rock Cress Eastern Redbud   
Chinese Forget-Me-Not Sea Thrift Flowering Quince   
Foxglove Wormwood Yellowwood  
Tassel flower Euopean Wild Ginger Cotoneaster   
Snow-On-The-Mountain Butterfly Weed Hawthorn   
Evolvulus Reed Grass Daphne   
Globe Amaranth Quamash Deutzia   
Straw Flower Knapweed Beech   
Mexican Tulip Poppy Snow-In-Summer Climbing Hydrangea   
Polka-Dot-Plant Sea Thistle Mountain Laurel   
Burning Bush Autumn Crocus Golden Raintree   
Lantana Lily-of-the-Valley Beauty Bush   
Weeping Lantana Gold Bleeding Heart Privet   
Statice Gas Plant Oregon Grapeholly   
Sweet Alyssum Perennial Foxglove Dawn Redwood   
Stock Globe Thistle Persian Parrotia   
Cup Flower Winter Aconite Virginia Creeper   
Love-In-A-Mist Blue Fescue Boston Ivy   
African Daisy Fritillary Spruce  
Southern Star Snowdrop Andromeda   
Scented Geranium Sneezeweed Austrian Pine   
Annual Fountain Grass Lenten Rose Pitch Pine   
Beefsteak Plant St. John's Wort Eastern White Pine   
Plectranthus varieties Elecampane Red Pine   
Pinkhead Knotweed Siberian Iris Bush Cinquefoil   
Castor Bean Japanese Iris Cleveland Pear  
Flowering Sage Deadnettle Firethorn   
Gentian Sage Lavender Oak   
Mealycup Sage Gayfeather Roseacacia/Robinia   
Joseph Sage Sea Lavender Scotch Rose   
Bog Sage Maltese Cross Sassafras   
Autumn Sage Resurrection Lily Umbrella Pine   
Dusty Miller Plume Poppy Spiraea   
Signet Marigold Ostrich Fern Cutleaf Stephanandra   
Verbena Mint Japanese Stewartia   
Verbena Vervain Ornamental Grass Snowberry   
Immortelle Forget-Me-Not Tamarix   
Star Zinnia Daffodils Linden   
Mexican Zinnia Cat Mint Chaste Tree   
Narrowleaf Zinnia Evening Primrose Japanese Wisteria   
  Peony Japanese Zelkova   
  Oriental Poppy Katsura Tree   
  Fountain Grass Ninebark  
  Russian Sage Doublefile Viburnum  
  Lungwort Fothergilla  
  Rock Soapwort Fragrant Sumac   
  Perennial Salvia Russian Cypress/Microbiota   
  Goldenrod Dogwood Trees  
  Lamb's Ear Dogwood Shrubs   
  Meadow Rue Magnolia  
  Woody Veronica Lilac   
  Bunchberry Clethera